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Prior to late November of 1920, Wind Gap did not have an organized charter fire company. There was, however, an organization of local business people, capital Board of Trade, who realized the need for a firefighter unit. A public meeting was held November 8th, 1920, resulting in 50 townsmen volunteering to serve. On March 28th, 1921, the Wind Gap Volunteer Company was officially chartered. O.A. Greenzweig was named chief, R.B. Lewis and Chester Dennis Assistants.

It took effort and time before this fledgling assembly could maneuver as a firefighting agency. Financial aid was needed to obtain necessary equipment, and little by little their treasury began to build.

The first piece of apparatus obtained was an Oldsmobile Touring Chassis, and a one horse drawn vehicle that was mounted on the chassis, purchased by the borough from an Easton Fire Company. This equipment, although used for a time, proved to be inadequate. In December of 1925, the borough bought a new Hahn Truck, equipped with a 400 gallon pump and 2 35 gallon chemical tanks, at a cost of $6500.00. This vehicle was still in use when the town celebrated its 50th birthday in 1943. In addition to the truck, the company also obtained an alarm system costing $800. By this time, the fire company had a 22 member band, and a ladies auxiliary, both contributing to the financial aid of the fire company, by sponsoring various community affairs.

The exiting fire company building was not large enough to hold the new equipment, and in 1927 a new building was erected in the vicinity of the present borough hall costing nearly $7000.00. The membership was quite proud of their achievement in that most of the required money had come from the Fire Company and auxiliary groups at no cost to the tax payers.

On June 26th 1928, Wind Gaps Fire Company was called up on to assist in locating the body of young Lawrence Quear, a drowning victim. Lawrence met misfortune in the Jerry Quarry located in the area of what is today 2nd. Street. The volunteers involved found it necessary to pump the water from the quarry hole in order to locate the victim. They were called out again in July of 1932 to search for the body of Anthony Carcione, another drowning fatality. This time it was in the Albion Superior Quarry, now the Sreeb Quarry, and the only active quarry in the Wind Gap area.

Increased population and new housing required different precepts. New applicants for memberships in the fire company attended fire school, and became auxiliary firemen after passing the required training course. In 1943, the town had 50 active members, and 39 auxiliary fire people.

In ensuring years, the company obtained a 1947 Hahn Fire Truck, and a GMC Truck. A newer vehicle was purchased in 1963, equipped with a 750 GPM pump, and via radio, was in contact with the Blue Mountain Control Center. The additional apparatus required larger quarters. In 1964, a borough building was constructed on Water Street enabling the fire company to put all of their equipment under one roof.

Another service rendered by Fire Company was the ambulance club, established in 1949. Since the inception of this organization, it has had 5 ambulances. In 1967, the 6th vehicle, a fully equipped Cadillac Ambulance was purchased. It was available on a 24 hour basis, had radio contact with all other department vehicles through Blue Mountain Control Center. The Ambulance club service was available to 1700 members. The fire company at this time was composed of 75 active firefighters in addition to many social members.

The Wind Gap Fire Company as of 1993 had 35 active, 15 social, and 25 honorary members. Equipped is noted as being a 1975 Mack Pumper, 1964 Chevrolet Pumper, and a 1970 Chevrolet Auxiliary vehicle. The unit was quartered on North Broadway in a building purchased by Town Council in 1983 and leased to the fire company for 99 years. These new quarters was large enough to contain all company equipment, has a hall available for all type of affairs, and an equipped kitchen. It is also the meeting site for the Slate Belt Baptist Church, Easton Hospital Mental Health Group, a dancing class and Alcoholics Anonymous. Future plans include exterior renovations, and complete resurfacing of the 1 acre parking lot used on numerous occasions as a landing site of Med Vac Helicopter when responding to an emergency problem.

For 72 years a volunteer fire company has served this community, and the individual names are legion. They are the community minded people who answered help calls as firemen, fire police and auxiliary in all kinds of weather, all hours, day and night; without volunteers how would a small borough survive.

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